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Rasmenia Massoud was born just outside of Washington D.C. somewhere during the era of Hunter S. Thompson vs. Nixon, but never lived there. She just happened to be in the area. She grew up in Colorado where she made a living with both blue and white collars at various times in her life before deciding that collars are not good, and that writing stories is very good.

In addition to spending several years in various Colorado towns, she has also lived in Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, England, Paris, and the French countryside; traveling to a number of states and countries in between. All the while, thinking deeply about the places and the people she encounters, and writing things down. She looks for the cracks, the scars under the flesh, gathers them up and molds them into stories in an effort to understand what fascinates, confuses and infuriates her the most: human beings.

Rasmenia Massoud is the author of the short story collections HUMAN DETRITUS and BROKEN ABROAD. Dozens of her stories have been published online and in print, including The Foundling Review, The Lowestoft Chronicle, Literary Orphans, Metazen, The Molotov Cocktail, Full of Crow, Flash Fiction Offensive, Black Heart Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Big Pulp, and Underground Voices. A third collection and two novellas are also forthcoming.

Rasmenia blogs semi-regularly about the awkwardness, frustration and joy of expatriation, food, the craft of writing, and the learning curves that come from being a broken, awkward, and dysfunctional human. She currently lives in southern England with her husband, their loyal chocolate lab and mischievous feline sidekick.