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“But this road doesn’t go anywhere,” I told him. “That doesn’t matter.” “What does?” I asked, after a little while. “Just that we’re on it, dude,” he said. — Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero

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When Olivier & I arrived at the Greyhound station in Erie, PA, we were giddy.  It was 3pm on Saturday, the day after Christmas.  We’d had a big pile of Arby’s earlier that day, so I had gotten my fix after craving their delicious, cheddary slop for the past 2 years.  We were leaving behind the stress of a Festivus gone bad & were looking forward to a week at […]

It doesn't matter that this isn't real meat.

It’s all quite blurry now, but what I remember of it all is full of various landscapes, faces & suitcases.  There was eating, drinking, merriment &… mucous. Fucking holiday travel.  It’s always a lot of planning & stress, but we had a plan – a simple plan.  There was no way that it could fail. We had a direct flight from Paris to Pittsburgh, PA.  We would rent a car, […]