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Uh... no.  I said "croissant", you jackass.

When I first moved to France a little over 4 years ago, I was immediately enamored with the food.  I’m sure that’s hardly a surprise.  I mean, this is the country that invented haute cuisine, chefs, bistros & the words “restaurant” & “gourmet”. French dishes from various regions are known far & wide outside of France’s borders: foie gras, escargot, cassoulet, bouillabaisse, crepes & croque monsieur. Everyone knows about Brie […]

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After we had left ever-changing Berlin behind us & the gray nightmares of the concentration camp, Olivier & I headed south, where everything had slowly changed from gray to green & the sharp, hard edges of barracks & cities had smoothed, turning into the rolling hills of Bavaria & the Black Forest of Germany. Since we had entered a new region, I began fidgeting around with the buttons on the […]