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It’s been a week since Hell hit Paris, and those French flag profile pics on social media are already starting to go away. They won’t vanish as swiftly as they appeared. They’ll decrease in number, little by little, just like those rainbows from a few months ago. Those rainbows made me happy. I enjoyed opening up my timeline and seeing the burst of color. We’d fought for equality and won. […]

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It all started with laughter and a longing to be somewhere else. I don’t miss my hometown. I moved out of Longmont, Colorado in 1994, and never wanted to move back. For me, crossing that town line is like stepping into a dark parallel universe of bad memories. It’s a time machine that only goes back to traumatic events; to people who only knew me as the juvenile delinquent offspring […]


I sat with my friend Ed at the tiny kitchen table in my shitty apartment sipping coffee, watching the spider dangling above us. The table used to sit in a Village Inn, before it became the place where I ate ramen and drank coffee with my downstairs neighbor. “Dude. Squish that thing.” “Aw, we don’t have to do that,” he said, stepping up on a Village Inn chair. “You got […]

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I keep seeing these articles all over the place. You’ve probably seen them, too. Using various combinations of words and pictures, they all say the same thing: Facebook is making people feel sad. Depressed. Unsatisfied. Unhappy and lonely. The list of negative sentiments goes on and on. My knee-jerk reaction to the headline was, “Okay, this is just more whiny, paranoid bullshit about the evils of the internet.” Then I […]

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“I suggest to my students that they write under a pseudonym for a week. That allows young men to write as women, and women as men. It allows them a lot of freedom they don’t have ordinarily.” ― Joyce Carol Oates “While I was writing I assumed it would be published under a pseudonym, and that liberated me: what I wrote was exactly what I wanted to read.” ―Nicholson Baker […]

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I like to get my nerd on. One of the really cool things about the internet – aside from funny animal .gifs on Buzzfeed – is the bottomless pit of nerdery. This year, I’ve spent countless hours getting lost on various subjects in iTunes U, Open Culture and Coursera. This summer, I enrolled in a writing class on Coursera. It wasn’t on craft, but the basic mechanics of grammar, along […]

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