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Not pictured: The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or any famous Parisian monument.

I live in France. I don’t live in Paris. I used to live in Paris. People sometimes ask me about something going on in Paris. I can only answer with, “Um… I don’t really know the details about that. I don’t live in Paris.” Occasionally, I’ll be asked, “So, how’re things in Paris?” “Well, fine as far as I know. But, I can only guess because… I don’t live in […]

I have yet to see this during a trip to D.C.

There are certain places around the globe you can go to that just don’t seem real.  Standing before certain buildings, monuments & natural wonders can often be a very surreal experience, feeling less like a day out of real life & a lot more like being on a movie set. Or, more accurately… in an actual movie. Whenever I go to Washington D.C., it feels bizarre to me, as though […]

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I used to laugh at germaphobic freaks like me.  I’d see them with their Lysol, alcohol pads & sanitizing gel, talking about “that bug that’s been going around” & I would shake my head & laugh. Paranoid freaks. Sitting at my desk, in the office where I worked, I’d watch my coworkers as they passed around a can of Lysol.  “Keep that shit away from me,” I’d tell them.  When […]

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Four years ago, I was in the midst of disassembling my life in Colorado. This is the only way to build a new one. There in my apartment, which was rapidly becoming a large empty space, I stared at the packed boxes. There were more & more of them every day. There were times when the packing & planning was exhausting. It was easier to chain smoke in the dark […]


American expat bloggers… well, yeah – it’s true that with my little blue passport, WordPress account & carte de séjour, I meet all of the criteria.  But, just wait… hold back your fist-pumping, cries of “hypocrite!” for just a moment.  I might get around to making a point… eventually. Before I moved to France, I spent a great deal of time scouring the internet for information on the place that […]


Ok, so imagine this: a group of people that you don’t know come over to your house for dinner.  They don’t speak your language very well – they expect you, as the host, to comprehend everything that they say.  They point & pantomime, occasionally spitting out a few words that you can understand. This group of strangers gag when they see the food that you set before them.  They balk […]