I’ve thought about training our cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box. But she’s 13 years old…it seems a little late to be teaching that cat new tricks. This is just further evidence that I don’t know anything.

Our bathroom & kitchen are being repaired. Everything from the kitchen is in the living room & our bedroom…everything from our bathroom is crammed into the bedroom as well.

I can make a peanut butter sammich & give myself a facial without having to leave my bedroom.

This has been a bit of an inconvenience for Cat, too. Her food dish & litter box have been relocated to the living room. The litter box has a little door on it that we never use – we removed it last year upon recognizing that this displeased Cat & being the humble & obedient subjects that we are, the door was removed & never seen again.

Until this week. Since the box is in the living room, we thought that it might be a good idea to put the door on there, even if it’s just until the end of the week when the repairs are finished. Cat is around 13 years old…I figured that she’s smart enough to step through the little swinging door & have a shit.

Then, last night just after Olivier & I had crawled into bed, we heard it: a rather loud trickling sound that caused both of us to sit up. The first thing that entered my mind was that something had gone wrong with the repairs…there was a leak in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Olivier bolted toward the bathroom & I jumped out of bed. I found him coming out of the bathroom with an expression of joy & disbelief on his face. “She’s PEEING!” I looked just in time to see our cat stepping away from the toilet which was filled with pee.

Evidently, Olivier had entered the bathroom just in time to see our cat sitting on the toilet, having a pee.

Now we’re curious as to what other skills & talents she may possess. She’s obviously been keeping this one to herself for quite some time, as I’ve been living with her for most of her life & have up to now only seen her drink from the toilet. Who knows when she learned to turn around & use it for its intended purpose.

One day soon, she will talk…I just know it.

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