FORT COLLINS, CO – A local weirdo managed to draw some attention at a CSU job fair held earlier this week.

Hundreds of students seeking employment showed up at the fair decked out in suits and ties with résumés in hand. The local weirdo, however, arrived at the job fair wearing his backpack, glasses, knit winter cap while eating a hamburger and a cool, refreshing soda.

“I pretty much just stood around looking at all of the people. What a bunch of suckers. I guess they were all there trying to get jobs or something. That’s stupid.”

It was reported that the weirdo “casually strolled” around at the job fair, occasionally approaching a company’s booth and asking, “Can I have a job?” When the prospective employer turned the dude down, he merely shrugged and walked away.

One ShopKo representative commented on the weirdo’s appearance at the job fair. “I don’t know about the cap. He seemed kind of strange…like he was just there to find some sick amusement or something. His hamburger kept spilling out onions everywhere. The onions got all over my table.”


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